Friday, April 13, 2012

The action figure bodies

After viewing several post about action figure heads and their bodies,   I wanted to show the various bodies that I have used with my action figure heads.

male nude bodies

Elite Brigade body Cotswold Collectibles, ttl TV 1.0 body,worthfield body

ttl TV boy 2.0,ttl  TV body 3.0

Herobuilders, Aci Toys

When using some of these bodies, I have to heat the head with boiling water to get the head on the neck knob.   I have been using more of the TTL bodies because they come with 3 different head knobs that fit on a variety of heads.  The herobuilders body is bigger than most of the bodies and the head sometimes looks out of proportion when placed on the body.


  1. Nice color range. I use a hair dryer when adding heads. I typically don't use the TTL body just because I like a taller man. Not that there is anything wrong with a short man. But me and the girls like them a little taller.

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos of these figures and the information about them.

    LOL@Vanessa's comment. I was just looking at the TTL body and thinking, hey, I have to explore them. My Joes maintain that they aren't short; Barbies wear too high heeled shoes. Yes, they are sticking with that story ;-D

  3. Thanks for showing these bodies. Which one is your favorite?

  4. I like D7ana comment about the height of the Joes.

    I have a new favorite body. It is the ACI Body.

  5. Thanks for sharing the body comparisons with us.

    I like the different head connections that are included with the TTL bodies, too. I might also add that I didn't need to use the extra connectors with the TTL body to assemble my Michael Jordan. His head fits perfectly on the TTL body. I am hoping the same will be the case for the other head I am anticipating.


  6. Good to know when I order the Michael Jordan head. Thanks.

  7. Hello from Spain: thank you for showing all these bodies of men. I did not know there was such bodies. A very interesting entry. I believe that in Spain there for sale so many figures of men. Keep in Couch

  8. Do you know a doll head maker in China called "Head Play"? They have made a several black man heads....such as Will Smith..really nice indeed. I am sure you would have some bodies that the head could enjoy with!!

    Cliffy - Hong Kong