Sunday, April 29, 2012

Auction dolls

I participated in the Kims Korner Auction at Mike's Toy Shop*

This is my experience with them:
  I was in contact with Mike and he explained all the details.  I was excited about the dolls and the auction.  I sent in my bids for the dolls. The auction was 3/17/2012.  I was contacted by a staff member the next day that I had won the dolls  but  she made a mistake and charged the credit card prior to finding out the shipping cost. (Mike had agreed to wait to charge the card until he found out how much the shipping would be on 3/19 or 3/20).  (Lights flashing in my head: WARNING- something is going to go wrong). This was the last day that I heard from Mike or his staff.

I anxiously waited for the dolls.  Two weeks had passed and I still did not receive the dolls.  I sent Mike an email on 3/31.  No answer.  I called the phone.  No answer.  I called again and again.  I left messages on a phone (the message tells the number but not the name of the company).  No return phone calls.  I did this for the next two weeks. I am thinking that I was SCAMMED because I did not attend the auction.

I went to the website and discovered that they were doing an antique show in another part of Texas.  On April 9, I called the antique show's number and asked for Kim's Korner. T person stated that he would give them my name and number.  No response.

I was patiently waiting for my credit card bill, when I received this email from Mike on April 12, 2011.
 "We have been away for several weeks at an antique fair. I had gotten a message while away that you had called, but didn't get more information than that. The area we were in doesn't have internet service so I couldn't email you. I will have someone put them in the mail to you on Friday at our expense. They should have been mailed out before we closed for the antique show, but it was somehow overlooked. Please give a mailing address and they will go out Priority Mail. "
My response:  I am glad that your finally responded.  I was very concerned because my credit card was already charged and then I could not get a phone or email response for several weeks.  At least your voice mail should have stated that you were away. It is very upsetting when you buy something for the first time from a company and then they disappear for several weeks.  I thought I was scammed.
His response: Sorry about the confusion.  Our website did state we were away, and the machine is always left alone.. Not sure how to change the message on it.  Anyhow, we will get the dolls out to you.  Our expense. 

Oh no. Mike's staff member called me on Monday, April 16 and stated that she just checked the messages and saw that I called but it did not say why (seems like a pattern).  She stated that she would check to see if the dolls were mailed out.  She mailed them out on that Monday and not Friday. (see above).  I received them on Thursday April 19. 
Note: NEVER AGAIN would I buy anything from this company's auction. I had to take a couple of weeks to  calmed down to enjoy the dolls.

* I will post the dolls under a different post.
* See post at for more information about the  Auction.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Molded Braids

The Braids are here. 

The style of  molded braids looks different on individual action figures.  Sometimes the molded braids look like real braids; other times the braids are represented by molded hair that is parted (without a braided texture) to represent cornrows.  The braids are represented in various styles but mostly the front to back style.



Allen Iverson (Super X figure by Dragon)

Snoop Dogg

Booker T. 

Carmelo Anthony ( All Star Vinyl)

Allen Iverson ( All Star Vinyl)

Prince of Egypt- Moses

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jean-Michel Basquiat

         I had never heard of this artist until I saw the action figure.  The action figure was created by Medicom Toy Co. under the Real Life Heroes series. I was surprised that I did not know of this artist. 

        After I saw the action figure, I learned about this artist by watching the movie, Basquiat, about his life, and then I  was fortunate to see the exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum in 2005.  It was an amazing exhibit.  If I did not see the action figure, I would have never learned about this artist.

Jean Michel Basquiat
around 11 1/4" tall

He wears a shirt and sweater

He has bendable arms and legs
He wears a separate sweater and shirt

Molded locks

I like it when the action figures have different hair styles.  Sometimes the locks'  hairstyles are made from synthetic hair and other times they are molded on to the action figure. Here are a few examples. 


Booker T.

Kofi Kingston
Jean-Michel Basquiat

Tyr Anasazi

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My molded hair

The photo on my blog features several male figures that have molded hair.  Uusally molded hair is in the shape of an afro (short or big) or a natural.  Some of the hairstyles have been molded into some unique styles including, braids, locks, and unique cuts. This first post shows various styles. 
 Tyr, Snoop Dogg, Wiz, Love, Jyadakins

Love- Tokyo Tribe 2

Snoop Dogg

Tyr Anasazi

Jyadakins (Tokyo Tribe 2)

(I found this action figure after seeing this figure in a picture on Brooklyn Stars Forever.  I was determined to find him.) 


Friday, April 13, 2012

The action figure bodies

After viewing several post about action figure heads and their bodies,   I wanted to show the various bodies that I have used with my action figure heads.

male nude bodies

Elite Brigade body Cotswold Collectibles, ttl TV 1.0 body,worthfield body

ttl TV boy 2.0,ttl  TV body 3.0

Herobuilders, Aci Toys

When using some of these bodies, I have to heat the head with boiling water to get the head on the neck knob.   I have been using more of the TTL bodies because they come with 3 different head knobs that fit on a variety of heads.  The herobuilders body is bigger than most of the bodies and the head sometimes looks out of proportion when placed on the body.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Remi Back to Brooklyn order

I am getting tired of the  Integrity process and the preordering with a dealer.  I always have a problem trying to order the doll from a doll shop that I normally do not order from.

I was trying to preorder Remi from Cherished Friends.  I placed the order on Monday, April 2, 2012 and I received this automated message.

Your order form has been processed by our website and will be shipped
as soon as possible, if the item is in stock. If this is a pre-order, or
if any item listed is not in stock, we will ship it as soon as it becomes

On April 6, 2012, I received this message:

When we put up the dolls we have a note to email us BEFORE placing your order on the web site. It is the only way for us to keep counts of what we sell. 200 people did  not email us first and put the order on there.
I do NOT have anything left of what you ordered as I answered people who emailed me.
I am so sorry!
I understand that I made a mistake but why would you wait the entire week to inform me. Thus I am not able to order the doll from any other company because the preorders are sold out.  I would think that you would look at the orders first because  I could have ordered other dolls.  I guess not.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Will & Muscular Bodies Rock!!!

I purchased the Will Smith Head by Loading Toys. I think this is a good likeness of the actor.

 I was looking for a good body to go with his head.   I purchased this by body by  ACI Toys.  It is the Muscular Bodies Rock the African Andrew Version 3.0.  I like the body but the arms do not stretch out

The body was a perfect match to the head.   The problem that I encounter was that the head/ neck knob was to small for his head/neck knob was too big for the body.  I had an extra knob and it fit perfectly after some boiling water help loosen the head/neck knob.

<------------------------------------------------------------Head/Neck Knob
The final outcome undressed

 Dressed:  He is wearing jeans that I ordered for action figures.  The top is from the Ken Fashionistas collection.  The top is a little small and the velcro  back does not close completely.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Billy Dee Williams

 This week is Billy Dee Williams' Birthday
The photos are of Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian in Star Wars

Sideshow toys, hasbro, hasbro

This was the 2nd version created by Hasbro for his role in Return of the Jedi

This is the Sideshow Toys version  called Heroes of the Rebellion

This is the first version by Hasbro in the Empire Strikes Back.

Memories bought back:
I was watching Leave it to Niecy and her daughter was giving her list of her five actors/entertainers that she was going to marry.  Niecy stated that she had a similar list and she had  boys and one man.  Who else?  Billy Dee Williams.  I concurred with her.  I would watch  or go to any movie that he was in.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lt. Boomer

A few years ago, Amok Time had offered two of the African American characters from Battlestar Galactica as action figures for pre-order.  The figures were never made. When I recently saw that they had Lt. Boomer for sale.  I immediately purchased the figure and did not read the description. When I received the figure, I was disappointed.  If I had read the description, I probably  would not have purchased the figure. 

I was so excited about the figure and thought it would be the same as the Night of the Living Dead action figure since it was from the same company.

The description from the website is below:

The Lt. Boomer 1:6th scale figure includes an authentic costume and likeness of actor Herbert Jefferson. Includes helmet and gun accessories and BSG display stand.
Please note: these are production samples being offered for a very limited time. Each doll has a resin head and hand painted figure deco. Figure functions the same way as the original offerings with all the same points of articulation and design. Figure is on a caucasian skin tone body, this can only be seen if you remove the clothes from the figure. Each figure is on the same 12in body type as the original BSG offerings. Figure comes in plastic display tray as pictured and does not include a picture box.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

American Teen- Benjamin and Dominique

This is Benjamin and Dominique

The box gave information about each teen.

Who Am I?
I'm not much yet, but I will be!  Take that to the bank.  I will have that big house, with the columns down the front, and the chairs on the porch and the money in the bank.  Will happen! DC's my home.  Dad's a university professor. American history.  He's cool. Mom. She's into church. All the time. Makes her happy, but me, I'm working! Dad says I need an MBA for my internet business. Well, when I need that MBA, I'll get that MBA! But right now things are going my way. And, it is happening.

Blogger's Note:  A NYC shopping is showing in the picture eventhough he is from DC.

Who Am I?
I'm a lest I'm going to be.  I am SO excited...I've been accepted to Dartmouth College - on a scholarship! Everything is so great.  everyone is so happy for me. It's kind of been a dream of my Mom's, that I would go to college.  You know, Dartmouth, wow, its gonna be a lot different than East St. Louis.  St. Louis is ok but our neighborhood isn't so great.  Mom insisted we move here so she'd have enough money for my school stuff, but its real noisy here. City. You know. Not New York, but city.  Keep thinking of New England, and all that quiet snow. Cool. And then I'll come back and teach kid's like me here, kids who were kind of left. Dad disappeared when I was a baby, never heard from him, but haven't needed him! Mom did just fine. And I will too.

Blogger's Note: Even though Dominique is supposed to be from St. Louis her picture on the box looks like a corner in NYC.

American Teen- Anthoney and Tara

American Teen

Anthoney and Tara:

Each box told something about the teen.

Who am I?
Well, who you think: Easy, son.  High school's almost over, almost made it out that door, and I'm not going least not for awhile.  Traveling is the plan for this traveling man.  Traveled here from Jamaica before I started school, always went back and forth to visit the family.  Miami's great, but  I'm thinking of Europe, Paris, Berlin, Vienna. London.  There's so much! Want to see everything, can't land here. Not yet. Too much that's too cool that's not been done. Not yet. Surfing's great. Scuba diving, great. Gonna learn how to bar tend, and travel and see everything there is to see. Send post cards, and folks will just have to wait and see what becomes of me.


Who Am I?
Happy! That's me. Tara! Ya See? Happy as can be! I sing that every morning, part of a song.  I write songs, dance, work out.  I'm gonna be a star.  How about you, girlfriend: I'm a sophomore, just look older. My school's cool, Chicago.  See my nails?  My sister-in-law, Rochelle, she does these nails.  She's the best, has her own shop.  Everybody watches what we do.  I'm always first.  Does hair, too.   I hang out at the shop, been learning.  Might work there next summer. Mom and Dad work for the City. Mom's in the Parks Department, Dad in Housing Authority.  They talk about school and pensions, security.  retirement! Can't here it! I sing my songs and walk along and go to school where I can rule!