Sunday, March 11, 2012

Women's History Month

To celebrate Women's History Month, I decided to give the male dolls  some time off.  This is the women's story.

On  March 10, 2012, she was called by the government to lead a team of women to help find the supermodels.  The world's top supermodels have been disappearing and no one knows what happened to them.  One of the models is an African Princess and at this time, the Princess' disappearance is a secret.  The  government is  trying to keep this quiet because an international war could start if it is discovered that the Princess is missing.   

Who would be your choice to be in charge of the team and who would you put on the  team.
Here is the leader and the rest of the team will be introduced throughout the month of March.  They have to be action figures or dolls (no statutes). Thus Niobe and Coffy are not on the team.

Her name is Ebony.  She is a cipher and binary code specialist with a background in Diplomatic Relations.  She is fluent in  eight languages.

Her job is to recruit and train several women to help her in the mission. 

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