Friday, March 9, 2012

March is Women's History Motnh

Celebrate Women's History Month
Harriet Tubman

She was created by Girls Explore.

"She outwitted bounty hunters and sheriffs and led her family, relatives and others to their freedom. They called Harriet Tubman the “Moses of her People.”  Harriet is dressed in a period outfit that she wore in one of the few photos taken of her.  The set that comes with the doll includes her cape and a wearable pouch, which is similar to what she might have used on her trips to carry food, water, etc. her 118 page biography, and a fun and educational activity pack."


  1. Thanks for sharing this doll. I'd seen her and some of the other dolls sold by Girls Explore in their paper catalog, but I don't recall seeing her in the vinyl before. Please tell me - does she have a full vinyl/plastic body or is her torso stuffed. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  2. The entire body is cloth that is stuffed. The head, arms and legs are vinyl. The doll is still available on their website for $19.99. A huge discount. You are welcome.