Friday, March 16, 2012

6th team member

Women's History Month- 5

Ebony needed a women that was familiar with the waters.  She believed that she might have to travel throught the water and wanted an expers.  She chose this woman that had lived her life underwater.

Princess Kida
She is the Princess of Atlantis- the lost city.   She is familiar with the water.  She appears in the movie Atlantis-  The Lost Empire .  She protects her city from the flowing lava by rising into the air and creating  a protective shield.   She is protected by the crystals that she wears around her neck.  She is hundreds of years old but resembles a young woman.*

*info from Wikipedia

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  1. Interesting. I vaguely recall seeing this doll in a toy store, but I usually don't buy the Disney dolls - eyes too big, etc. She's striking though. Thanks for sharing.