Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2nd & 3rd team members

Women's History Month-2nd

Ebony needs crimefighters on her team.  These women have to be able to defend themselves and others on the team.  She chose these two women. 

They are Cy Girls like Ebony.   This is the second type of Cy Girls figures  known as the Perfect Body Female. These dolls, featuring 24 points of articulation based on the basic design of the Ultimate Solider. They have a double-jointed feature on the knees and elbows  which enables them to be posed in the lotus position  and any other conceivable position the human body is capable of.  They are able to hold any weapons or accessory.*  They are created by BBI Toys.  They do not have names.

*info from Wikipedia.


  1. I have a Cy Girl similar to the one on the left.


  2. Did she come with an extra breast plate? The one on the left came with two sizes of breast plates.

    1. Yes, she came with one extra breast plate. I believe my version is the first one made. In the fall of 2003, I featured my version in Black Doll-E-Zine (scroll down to see the image at the link), but I did not purchase mine until 2009.


  3. Hello from Spain: Your dolls are very muscular and strong originals. The doll with the ridge in the hair is really original. Keep in touch.