Thursday, March 22, 2012

12th team member

Women's History Month-11

Ebony needs a person that can  diffuse a bomb and  can handle herself in any fighting situation.  She has proven her skills as a member of this private investigating team.

Alexandra " Alex" Munday
  She is a member of Chalie Angels as a private investigator.  "Alex is a sophisticated class act, with dark brown eyes and never a brown hair out of place. She has rich parents who were professors of philosophy and economics at Harvard. By the time she was 13, Alex had academically eclipsed her parents. She spent the rest of her teenage years abroad, learning levitation with Tibetan guru; safecracking and bomb defusing with a Parisian double agent; dancing for a time with the Stuttgart Ballet — the usual classical education. An expert fencer and horsewoman, Alex has been a government aerospace engineer and on-call consultant for NASA. She was also an early pioneer in the creation of the laptop computer. Alex is so on top of everything, it’s easy to bore her and hard to keep her amused."*

*info from Wikipedia.


  1. I have always loved this doll. I really need to try to add it to my collection.

  2. I like the body. It was done by Jakks Pacific.