Tuesday, March 20, 2012

10th team member

Women's History Month- 9

Ebony was looking for  another superhero to assist her in the mission.

 "She is Apache born and her Gen-Active  powers first manifested while living on the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona. "Rainmaker has the ability to control the weather, summoning lightning, wind, and rain with her thoughts. She has also demonstrated the ability to control the movement of water. Rainmaker can fly by riding wind currents, and is able to generate and direct bolts of lightning from her hands. These bolts are enhanced somewhat by the hi-tech gauntlets she wears. Sarah also has a natural aptitude for combat tactics."*

*info from Wikipedia.


  1. Hello from Spain: This action doll with the clothes is very original. Keep in touch.

  2. This is a first for me, too. I have never seen this doll - action figure? before. Interesting. May I ask who made her and when?