Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feb. 9th

Black History Month- 9th Day

Name the movie and stars:

Det. Angela Wilson,  Dwayne Gittens/ God
This  1999 movie is about "an undercover cop that goes too deep into the Cincinnati drug trade. The local drug lord, a man who calls himself God, controls all of the action in Ohio. As the cop moves up the ladder, he befriends the gangster, learns of his violent tendencies, but also sees him as a benefactor to the poor, a dedicated family man, and one who staunchly defends his friends. The cop's commanding officer fears that he has become too close to the gangster and will be unable to regain his identity, a fear that comes close to reality when the big bust ultimately happens."*

Yesterday's Answer:
Movie: Queen
Stars: Dennis Haysbert, Halle Berry, Raven Symone

*info from IMDB

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