Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb. 8th

Black History Month-8th day

Name the movie and Stars
Davis, Queen, Queen (at age 5)

The 1993 TV movie series is about " a plantation owner's  who son falls in love with a slave named Easter and together they have a light-skinned daughter. As she grows up, she faces the struggle of trying to fit into the troubled world around her. She tries passing for white, but it leads to sorrow in post-Civil War America. Everywhere she goes, she faces obstacles and hardships while searching for happiness and a place to belong."*

Yesterday's Answers:
Movie:  Constellation
Billy Dee Williams and Zoe Saldana

*info from IMDB


  1. Alex Haley's Queen, a TV mini series. Queen was played by Halle Berry and Raven Symone as the young Queen. Dennis Haysbert played Davis, the father of Queen's son.


  2. Congratulations, DBG. I guessed Queen but alas later ;-)

    How wonderful Male Doll World that you have all three of those dolls. The Dennis Haysbert one was on my list, too. As well as the Halle. Most likely to still get her. Not so sure about him. Sigh.

  3. I loved the show 24 and had to get him. In my mind, he is the 1st African American president.

  4. I don't remember Dennis in that movie. I may have to watch it again. Dennis was/is on my list. My fear is I will be disappointed when he arrives. I have the other two and I love them both.