Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feb. 19th

Black History Month- 19th Day
Name the movie and stars

                                               Det. Graham Walters, Lt Dixon, Cameron Thayer

This 2004 movie shows "several stories interweave during two days in Los Angeles involving a collection of inter-related characters, a police detective with a drugged out mother and a thieving younger brother, two car thieves who are constantly theorizing on society and race, the white district attorney and his irritated and pampered wife, a racist white veteran cop (caring for a sick father at home) who disgusts his more idealistic younger partner, a successful Hollywood director and his wife who must deal with the racist cop, a Persian-immigrant father who buys a gun to protect his shop, a Hispanic locksmith and his young daughter who is afraid of bullets." *

Yesterday's Answers:
TV Show: Dynasty
Stars: Diahann Carroll, Billy Dee Williams

*info from IMDB


  1. Crash
    Don Cheadle - Det. Graham Walters
    Keith David - Lt. Dixon
    Terrence Howard - Cameron Thayer

    You have such an awesome male action figure collection! I didn't know there was Keith David action figure.


  2. Thanks. He was created by sideshow toys for the movie Platoon. I missed him on the initial release. I had to wait and get him on ebay.

  3. Hello from Spain: although not always leave a message you entered in your blog. I find it very creative. I'm embarrassed but then again I do not know what movie it is. I see almost no movies. Keep in touch