Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feb. 16th

Black History Month - 16th Day
Name the movie and stars

Amber Evans, Seymour Stewart

In this 1992 movie,  "a con artist, trying to get his act together, gets a job in a credit card company. He falls in love with a fellow employee, he steals a couple of cards, and everything is going great. But soon, the chief of security drags him into the big leagues of criminals."*

Yesterday's Answer
Movie: Game of Death
Stars: Wesley Snipes,  Ernie Hudson

*info from IMDB


  1. I know the movie, but I'm going to let someone else answer today.


  2. I only know because I googled it, but I googled it because I found the male doll at Goodwill and never knew who he was. I'm glad to find out because I bought him thinking, "Hey, that looks like Marlon Wayans!" Apparently, there was a reason for that.

  3. Oh so no ones saying, huh? And we know I don't know. I am the worst at movies.

  4. Good that you were able to find marlon wayans. He is Ripcord from G.I. Joe.