Friday, January 6, 2012

It is Cold Outside

The temperature in New York City dropped to the twenties this week for two days.  What figures/dolls would be able to survive the weather with their clothes.
The figures below came with coats.  

Merra, Gang 2, Mary, Darius, Romantic Lover
The guys all wear faux fur or felted coats. Mary is wearing a down type coat with scarf and hat.

Merra is from Tokyo Tribe 2 created by Medicom; Gang 2 is a model created by Enterbay, Mary is a discount doll, Darius is from Fashion Royalty, Romantic Lover is from Defa Lucy.


  1. They have bundled up nicely.

    Stay warm. We didn't even need jackets today.


  2. I can imagine. They all look like they can handle the weather and with all those good looking men you have, Mary will be alright.

  3. We're hot, then we're cold here in Philly. Good to see your crew dressed for the blustery weather.

  4. HEllo from SpAin, i came to your site through the blog of Vanessa and i have to say that i really like your collection of guys. Ryan and small Tommy i have. I like many your photos and the clothes you have. I have a blog devoted to Barbies and i invite you, if you want to keep in touch with blog blog

  5. Thank you for joining my blog. I will join yours.

  6. Is it possible to buy Merra's fur coat separately? And if not from the manufacturer, maybe from a collector?