Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Construction boots

I recently purchased the doll, Zayn Malik from the group One Direction.  He wears jeans with construction boots.  I know I had other dolls/figures with construction boots so  I decided to go looking for the dolls/figures with the same type of boots.  This is what I found in my collection.

Neighborhood 13, Graffiti from Tokyo Tribe, Madison,  Zayn Malik,  Iwao from Tokyo Tribe

Neighborhood 13 and Iwao have the same boots.  Graffiti's boots have real shoe laces that can be tied.

Neighborhood 13, Madison, Graffiti


  1. EEEeeeeeeee!!!!!

    Sorry. So excited to see the Zayn Malik doll. Is he jointed? Do you have any of the other guys from the group One Direction?

    Thanks for showing the construction boots. Neat to see. I'm not keen on the ones that lace-up - too much a strain on my aging eyes lol.

  2. I do not have any of the other guys from One Direction. He is not jointed. His arms and legs just move up and down. His legs are not bendable.