Friday, December 23, 2011

My grown up Christmas List

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas are a few good action figures and dolls.

1. Laurent from Tonner because I waited to late to order him and he was sold out.
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2. Blacula-  Amoktime has had this figure on preorder for over two years.  Maybe one day he will be ready.
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3.  Michael Jackson-   The price tells it all $249, $349, and $199. 
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4.  Victor James from Integrity Toys.
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 5. Iplehouse - Gorgeous dolls.

photo from Iplehouse

photo from
6. Thierry Henry-  the 12" version from Kick o Mania.  He is a football/soccer player in England.  When the figure is listed on, there is no  seller willing to ship to the United States.

photo from, seller sha.carwithen

photo from, seller-mum450
7. Ty- JamieShow dolls.  The price!!!!!
photo from
8. Nick Fury-  The figure is from the Iron Man 2 Movie Series. This 3.75 inch figure is exclusive to this package of Iron Man.  I am waiting for the sale price.  The photo is from

Santa are you listening


  1. I'd like for Santa to stop by here first with Laurent.

    I'd like to own Victor James, too, but even at $100 here I'll have to wait a while.


  2. I didn't know some of these guys were out there. Thanks for posting even if I can't get them either.