Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Christmas Goodies

New additions:

Peacekeeper, Peacekeeper, Levi Nolan, JLS

Oritse, Marvin, Aston

Thanks to Phillycollector,  I was able to get 3 of the JLS dolls.  I am missing JB.  His price was a little bit higher and there were not too many sellers willing to ship to the U.S.  Here is the posting about the dolls.

I bought two of the Peacekeeper action figures.  There were no new figures this year.  I might switch their bodies with some other heads.  

Levi Nolan the Riverboat Gambler is from  Packratz Toys.  He is part of the Johnny West Territory, which is based on the series.


  1. These are nice. I like the individuality of the JLS dolls. Congrats!


  2. Thanks for the closeup of the JLS dolls. They do have great, highly individual face sculpts. I will follow your lead and get some.

  3. Thanks for mentioning me and for sharing the close-up of the JLS guys. Ortise has a lovely complexion. I hope you can get a JB to complete your team ;-)