Sunday, November 13, 2011

Joe Frazier

 A Tribute to a Heavyweight Champion

In 1998, Kenner under the Timeless Legends, Starting Lineup series created the Ali vs Frazier action figure set.  "The boxing ring was their battleground for three fights and more than 40 rounds in a span of  4 1/2 years".  Frazier was called "Smokin Joe" and he was the brawler, soft-spoken and humble.


March 8, 1971 at Madison Square Garden it was "billed as the "Fight of the Century"  It was the first time in history of boxing that two undefeated heavyweight champions were meeting for the championship of the world.  Anticipation and excitement were everywhere as this was history in the making.  In an unforgettable match, Frazier knocked down Ali in the 15th and final round winning the decision and the crown."


  1. Thanks for this post.

    Probably like many others, I checked eBay for prices of the Joe Frazier action figure by Starting Line up after I learned of his passing. I knew the Starting Line Up version existed because a friend found one on eBay several years ago for pennies. The seller had it described as Evander Holyfield (tsk, tsk, tsk).

    On my recent search on the day after Mr. Frazier passed, one figure was listed in a buy it now for $150! (What???) Completed auctions prior to his death sold for $30 and one for as much as $50, but the current listings were going sky high. I was able to find one from a seller for a reasonable two-digit price. My figure will arrive soon.

    Your pictures confirm that the figure actually looks like Joe Frazier.


  2. Thanks for sharing. I am glad you were able to find one.

  3. That is a really good likeness of him. I never knew these figures existed. Thanks for the post.