Sunday, October 30, 2011


In the 1997 movie Spawn, the character was played  by Michael Jai White.  Prior to becoming Spawn, his name was Al Simmons.   Al Simmons becomes Spawn after making a deal with a devil to see his wife one more time because he was killed during a mission.*

The action figures were created as Al Simmons and as Spawn. 

The Adventures of Spawn-Spawn X  (2006), Al Simmons (1997), Spawn Series 17: Spawn Classic- Al Simmons (2000) Gunslinger Spawn 12" (2005),

For more info go to The website shows all the Spawns that have been made over the years.  I   have four of them.  I usually choose the ones that have a face.  The 12" Spawns including Gunslinger came as statutes.  There has never been a 12" Al Simmons.  The figures were created by McFarlane Toys.  I hope they create a 12" Al Simmons action figure with  the Spawn costume.

*info from Wikipedia

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