Thursday, October 13, 2011


continue -Hispanic Heritage Month
Mattel created dolls  based on the characters from Rebelde.

Rebelde ("Rebel" or "Rebellious") was a Mexican telenovela (soap opera) produced.  The series is set at the Elite Way School, a prestigious private boarding high school in Mexico City  revolving around a group of students forming a pop band. The actors are bandmembers from the group RBD.*

The male dolls were not created as single dolls.  They were packaged with the female dolls from the show. Alfonso Herrera as Miguel Arango, Christopher Uckermann asDiego Bustamente, Christian Chavez as Juan "Giovanni" Mendez Lopez.


Giovanni and Lupito


Miguel and Mia


Diego and Roberto

Note:  The female dolls were issued in three different sets.  Two different single sets and one couple set.  The first single set showed the dolls looking more like the characters.  The second set showed the female dolls using the Barbie face mold
* Info from Wikipedia

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