Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was the first African American Major League baseball player of  the 20th Century.  He played with the Brooklyn Dodgers for about 10 years.    On this week in 1947, he won Rookie of the Year.
He wore the number 42.  In 1997, his number was retired across  Major League Baseball.
When they created the Cooperstown Collection, I was hoping that they would also produce other baseball players that played for both the Negro  League and Major League Baseball  like Robinson.

When I was in Kansas City for the Barbie Convention a few years ago, I was able to visit the Negro League Baseball Museum. It was great.  The only bad part is that they did not have any action figures of the players.  I think I would have bought them all.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering September 11

Remembering the Day that America changed.  Remember the people that were lost.  Remember the day  when everyone came together to help one another. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bratz Boys

I went into Toys R Us looking for new dolls.  MGA- Bratz has four new male dolls.  I was looking at all the boxes in the store, but I did not see an African American male. 

The only time that  an African American male doll  was created by MGA was when they produced the Bratz- Lil Boys- " The Lil Boys with Kickin Cool Style.    He is  4 1/2 inches tall and his name is Deavon.  It was three other  male dolls in the series and there names were Mikko, Lakin, and Colin.

The doll came in a little plastic case.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Family Matters

Going Back to School would not be the same if I did not mention Steve Urkel.  He was one of the stars from Family Matters.  When Family Matters first aired, Urkel was not a main character on the show.

 I was always disappointed that they did not make a 12" size of  him or the other characters.  The ultimate gift set would have been Steve Urkel and Stefan.

Back to School

 Labor Day signals the end of Summer and the beginning of school.  Here are some of the guys heading back to school.
(Front Row:  L-R: Sutton, Tre, Anthoney; Back Row: Bradley, Benjamin, Chad)

Sutton- My Scene Barbie
 Tre- Flavas dolls
Anthoney- An American Teen
Bradley McIntosh- SClub7 musical group. I included him because he was 17 when he joined the group.
Benjamin-- An American Teen
Chad- High School Musical

Friday, September 2, 2011


Sideshow Toys with permission form Hasbro created Stalker (his code name)  this year.  The figure comes fully articulated with  plenty of artillery.  This Stalker was created for the adult collector


The first Stalker was created by Hasbro, its creator, in 1992.  He was part of the Hall of Fame series.  This Stalker could be found in Toy Stores.

  Both came with backpacks.   The first Stalker has a yellow one and the second one has a black bag.

The faces are different

His real name is Lonzo Wilkinson and he was born in Detroit Michigan.  He was a warlord of a large urban street gang priot to enlistment.  Fluent in Spanish, Arabic, French and Swahili.  Graduated top of class-Basic Combat Training.  Advanced Infantry Training (Top of Class).... (Excerpt from the Sideshow Toys Stalker's Box).