Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Days at the Convention

  We attended several of the events.
Barbie and Ken:: The Ultimate Couple Dinner
We are attending the Dinner

Host table gift

Vintage Beach Movies of the 60's Luncheon

Gift Sets


 Gifts Sets

The Souvenir Convention Dolls

Ken's 50th Birthday Celebration Centerpiece

 Male dolls that came home with us
Menelik, Steven,  Japanese Ken, Steven, No. 17

OOAK Doll by Ninimomo

Dolls at the So In Style Party


Live Auction Ken and Barbie sold for $24,000

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  1. The picture you have (3rd one down from top) with the dolls playing beach volleyball, was actually made by someone from the Indianapolis Fashion Doll Group that I belong to. She brought it to our last meeting. :) How crazy is that? lol