Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Days at the Convention

  We attended several of the events.
Barbie and Ken:: The Ultimate Couple Dinner
We are attending the Dinner

Host table gift

Vintage Beach Movies of the 60's Luncheon

Gift Sets


 Gifts Sets

The Souvenir Convention Dolls

Ken's 50th Birthday Celebration Centerpiece

 Male dolls that came home with us
Menelik, Steven,  Japanese Ken, Steven, No. 17

OOAK Doll by Ninimomo

Dolls at the So In Style Party


Live Auction Ken and Barbie sold for $24,000

Competition at the Barbie Convention

My pieces that appeared in the Competition. 

I entered the Advertising Category.  You had to duplicate a 1960 advertisment with the dolls.

 I used Darren from So In Style and Nikki from the Beach Series.  I chose Darren because his body was fully articulated and none of the other Mattel Men were this flexible.

I entered the Diorama Category- 1960's TV show.

I did the TV show, Green Acres starring Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert.

I won honorable mention

Christie and Steven visit the Diorama

Here is a link to the other dolls and dioramas of the Competition pieces for various categories.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fashion Show at the Barbie Convention

About the writer:

I participated in the Fashion Show and wore Siren, a silkstone doll.  The song that played for me was My Girl by the Temptations. The hair was not completed red but a mixture of red and black.

I have participated in the fashion show for the past 11 conventions.  I enjoyed creating the outfit that was completely crocheted.

Steven and Christie's 7 day trip

Here are some pictures of Steven and Christie's trip to the Barbie Convention in Ft. Lauderdale.

Arriving at the Harbor Beach Marriott Hotel on Sunday, July 24, 2011.  Room 766

Since we arrived early, we went to the pool

On Monday, July 25, we went to the beach.  The beach was connected to the hotel.

Christie buried Steven in the sand

After a long day, we are relaxing on the balcony, which had a view of the marina

On Tuesday, July 26, we went back to the pool to enjoy the water and sun.

Stay tuned for our pictures of the convention. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Back in Town

Steven and Christie are back from the Barbie Convention and will be posting pictures of their trip very soon.