Sunday, July 3, 2011

Toys R Us action figure

I went to Toys R Us on Saturday and they have some new action figures..  They are called True Heroes- Combat Troops.  I saw 4 different figures and only one is African American.  It is part of the Toys R Us Family of Brands.  The figures are about  9 3/4 inches tall.  I wish they had added  another 2" to the figures. 

His name is Brian W. Michaels- Elite Ranger, SD 2.  The description on the  Identification card states: Brown Hair, but he is bald,  brown eyes, 172 lbs and birth date is November 3, 1980.

He reminded me of another action figure in my collection.   See pictures below. 

It is the Elite Force figure from BBI. (see Samuel Jackson post)

 The picture on the identification card looks like him.

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