Sunday, July 3, 2011


I was able to get  Remi, Dynamite Girls- Plastic Inevitable doll from Integrity Toys.  I had my name added to the waiting list at one of the online doll stores.  I was upset because the dolls had sold out within a matter of hours.  Integrity Toys and Jason Wu are limiting the editions to about 300.  The dolls are pre-ordered by regular customers at the doll stores and you have to hope that they change their mind.

I was one of the first to support Integrity Toys when they first appeared at Caldor's Department stores (out of business). I think Integrity Toys  forgets about the earlier collectors when they create limited edition dolls.

Remi is becoming a top fashion photographer in the industry.

The jacket came with the blue paint on it. 

The other doll that I ordered was Aria.  "Aria is a girl unlike any other.  A proud Latina she is one to always experiment with her fashion.  She owns whatever look she chooses to wear.  She’s a favorite stylist of Pop and Rock stars." The description is from Integrity Toys website. 

Remi was one of two new males introduced in this series.  The other male is Auden. The other characters  are Rufus Blue and Jett.

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