Thursday, May 26, 2011

Samuel Jackson

Samuel Jackson is an African American film and television actor that has starred in over 100 films.  He has played several characters that have become action figures.

The characters are: Frozone-Luscius Best- The Incredibles- 2004; Octopus- The Spirit 2008; Sgt Dan "Hondo" Harrelson-S.W.A.T in 2003;  Mace Windu (Star Wars Episode I: Phathom Menace in 1999, Star Wars Episode 2:   Attack of the Clones in 2002; Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith in 2005) and  John Shaft in Shaft  in 2006" ( I wish they had made him in 12" and in a box set with the original Shaft, Richard Roundtree)

Mace Windu



John Shaft

Dan "Hondo" Harrelson

Here is an action figure that looks like Samuel Jackson but was a figure by BBI. 

No. 17- Maybe his name is Preston

When Mattel created the Basic Barbie collection, they gave them numbers and not names.  I like my dolls to have names, because it gives them some type of personal history when it comes to talking about the doll.  I think that Model No. 17 name should be Preston.  The photos below show him surrounded by the other Basic Barbie dolls.  I have two of No. 10 , her dress was changed to a higher neckline. I love the low neckline dress.  No. 4   is wearing a custom crochet jacket. No. 8 is the only one that has survived to appear in the other Basic Barbie collections.
(From L to R- No. 4, No. 8, No. 10, No. 17, No 8, No.10, No. 8)

Preston and the ladies

Preston and the Ladies

Preston and the Ladies

Prince Naveen

Toys R Us has  a new  Princess Tiana and Naveen doll set. I recently purchased  a Prince Naveen and Princess Tiana set, in which Prince Naveen has a different face from the previous gift sets.

This is the previous face of Prince Naveen.  He came individually or in a gift set.

Prince Naveen
  Prince Naveen in a different outfit that came in a gift set with Princess Tiana

Prince Naveen and Princess Tiana

Monday, May 9, 2011

M & C Toy Centre

The Peacekeepers of M & C Toy Centre.  It is rare to find figures/dolls that feature various African American facial features.   I purchased 8 (2 of the figures repeated with camouflaged painted faces) of the figures from a company called Small Blue Toys in 2002/3. Small Blue Toys was an excellent company since they sold so many different male action figures that could not  be found at other stores.  It has been hard to find more of the Peacekeepers.

I was lucky in December 2010, when I went into a discount store and found the figures, which had two faces I did not have in my collection.  The Toy Centre website shows a total of 12 different black male heads.

Riding in the P.T Cruiser

Steven in his action figure body

This past winter Steven (Mattel) decided that he wanted to go out in  his borrowed action figure body.  The switching of the bodies went well.  I learned from another doll collector how to use boiling water to soften the head for easy removal.

Trying to ride in the snow

Climbing the snow hill