Monday, April 18, 2011

New Faces for 2011

New faces for 2011

Mattel created a new male doll for its Basic Denim collection.  He is known as Model No. 17 and  has no name or background.  His face is completely different from the other male dolls that Mattel has created over the years.  He seems more mature than Darren and Steven other male dolls created by Mattel.

Radiant Child Remi is created  by Integrity Toys.    This is the second African American doll created by Integrity Toys and there will only be 300 of this doll made.  He is part of the Dynamite Girl series.

Stalker, Lonzo Wilkinson, a member of the G.I Joe team will be making an appearance this year.  He is being created by Sideshow Toys. The first Stalker  was created by Hasbro for its Hall of Fame Series in 1992. The two figures have completely different facial features. 

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