Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I was excited when I heard that a Ramesses  II was being made.  I had collected the Prince of Egypt dolls based on the animated movie.   It was based on the biblical story of Moses.  The dolls consisted of Prince Moses, Moses, his wife, Tzipporah and his mother Queen Tiya.  Her other son was Ramesses II.  He would make a great addition to my collection.

However,  I did not get the action figure. He was not the same complexion as the Prince of Egypt dolls and he was out of my price range.  I was not willing to pay $300 for him.  I am still hoping and waiting for another member to be created from that company.

The next figure to be made was Anubis, the jackal.  Waiting to see the third figure.

Valley of the Kings Ramessess II 1/6 Scale Figure by Mystic Forge - Click Image to Close
photo from Monsters in Motion

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Eartha Kitt

I was so excited that they were creating Eartha Kitt as Cat Woman.  I pre-ordered the figure and was waiting anxiously to add her to my collection.  I was going to have actress  as well as a superhero in the likeness of the person.

Well, I got the dreaded email from the company.  They informed me that my pre-order was cancelled because the action figure was no longer going to be created.


Image result for eartha kitt action figure
photo from Bigbadtoys

Monday, May 1, 2017

Yana- Zennie Dollz

I finally purchased one of the Zennie Dollz.

I was hesitant to buy because I did not like the glass eyes on and her head was a little bigger than I wanted.  I had seen this doll for the last several years at Toy Fair and her look soften a bit from the first doll.  They were offering a discount on the doll and I decided to buy because I like the theme, Saving the Planet and dolls were made from made from recyclable materials.

Her name is Yana.  She is the Protector of the Oceans. She is from the Dominican Republic.  "She is a born leader and very kindhearted person.  I always have enjoyed waling around the beach and collecting samples of different shells to  study.  I know about every fish out there in the deep blue sea and I am fascinated by other creatures that live underwater."  I rescued my dolphin friend Serena, from a tangled fishing line and that is what made me interested in becoming an eco-warrior.  Now I get to help protect all of the sea creatures from overfishing , pollution and more!

She reminds me of the Mattel dolls that were created called "Diva Starz"

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Celebrating the Women of the Harlem Renaissance

Women's History Month

Celebrating the Women of the Harlem Renaissance

Mattel has created a  series of dolls, Claudette  and Madame  L   that pays tribute to the Harlem Renaissance Era.

The "Harlem Renaissance, of the New Negro Movement as it was called, was on of the richest and most complex artistic eras in American History.  Characterized by an explosive energy, the artistic, literary, and philosophical movements taking place among African Americans during the 1920"s took Harlem as a center.  The neighbor hood, consisting of some two square miles in Manhattan, was both a literal and metaphoric African American national capital, the hub of political, social, creative and intellectual activities.  The unprecedented numbers of men and women who migrated to Harlem from all over the country in the first decades of the twentieth century included artists and writers, musicians and dancers, intellectuals and activists."*

"Talent began to overflow within this newfound culture of the black community in Harlem, as prominent figures such as Langston Hughes, Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday, Zora Neil Hurston, Ella Fitzgerald, and Bessie Smith pushed art to its limit as a form of expression and representation."**